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I miss you
The day you went away…the day I no longer saw you…the day I last saw your beautiful smile…I don't want to remember it, I wanted for this to last forever, to grow old and be happy for as long as we could…but it turned out, it wasn't what destiny wanted…I wonder each night if you ever felt as lonely as I do right now, if you ever felt as nothing made sense and everything that was left was simply an empty house and long suffering memories. I still look back and miss your laugh echoing through our room, your eyes sparkling with joy as I simply agreed to go out in a date in one of those random days where you just felt like it. As we dined  and laughed not really caring if we got kicked out or if we got so drunk we couldn't even go up the stairs and wake up with a terrible headache. I can remember it all as if it had been yesterday…but it has all been gone for a long time now…I still miss your voice and your days when you were just d
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ThranduilxReader part 2
Its been a year since the baby was born and you had been nothing but a strong woman in the name of your firstborn (n/p) , you simply refused to drown in the pitch black cave that went by the name of sorrow, you were better than that and you knew it well. Since your relationship with the prince had been a secret you had to keep the fact of who was the baby's father a secret as well. Nobody would believe you anyways and maybe his father would anger if you told him, he was after all,the king. He had no reason to believe you if he chose not to, it was your burden to carry. You were stronger  than most of the elves due to your diet on meat, fruits, roots, edible leafs and plants; amongst your kin it was prohibited but you didn't care since you lived far away from it anyways. It hadn't been easy to take care of the baby but you had managed, you had weaved a sort of blanket that served as a kind of crib, you thought of yourself a genius!
With this, you could both hunt and walk
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My new L necklace by Talkwiththe-Doctor My new L necklace :icontalkwiththe-doctor:Talkwiththe-Doctor 3 6 Broken soul by Talkwiththe-Doctor Broken soul :icontalkwiththe-doctor:Talkwiththe-Doctor 3 13

After all of these years and centuries…the goodbyes always hurt…making my hearts ache in the endless pain that is only soothed away with company…but it always ends the same way…in the thing I hate the most… it always ends in a good bye. Not once in history I've been at ease…my head spins around the dreadful thought that is the possible and evident ending…the fact that I'm going to forget and die…all of this time, I hid it under a smile and cheerfulness…but I can't hold it much longer…906 years has it been…and it is all bottled inside, like a raging storm screaming to come out and feel at least some relief, an escape, a breakthrough…peace…The only thing that I crave and desire is peace, just for once, to put my mind at ease…for the last time…before the glow spreads and my life ends…One. Las.Time. Thats all I ask for...
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Mature content
Thranduil x Reader part 1 :icontalkwiththe-doctor:Talkwiththe-Doctor 11 7
No, its not okay.
I'm so sorry….I never had…I never knew…I always thought that you…that you were actually happy…and you were but before we met…. I am so sorry….I can't let it go… You were so…nice and joyful but since he…I simply can't watch you like this….I'm sorry, I truly am because I know you love him but you never tell him because you don't want to destroy everything! You don't touch him because he is your treasure….I understand that feeling so well it hurts…I am very very sorry…and I know you have been strong for the sake of all of us but you need to let it go or it'll destroy you! Please…do it for me…leave the feeling of regret, let it leave! But don't let him slide from your arms, don't let him slip from between your fingers…please…don't….give…up. I know he is your life and I know you love him to end of the world…but you can't keep pretending you do
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Take me on the floor
I just awoke, its nearly half past nine, last night I stayed up late helping Sherlock until he dismissed me, he seemed a bit unsure of just about everything, he doesn't act like that, ever, so I thought he had a girlfriend or something and he was nervous about to handle it, after all, Moriarty's nickname for him is 'The Virgin' So what is there to do? I sighted as I stumbled towards the bathroom and brushed my teeth and showered with my new soap, it smelled nice, I shrugged and got out with a towel wrapped around my waist only to see Sherlock sitting on my bed with my agenda. He only took a glimpse at me before speaking "Get dressed, we have another case in five minutes." I stared at him with my arms crossed "Do you mind getting out of the room?" He looked at me and then directly to the towel "Wh-Ah yes, right away." He stood up as if he was used to thins kind of behavior, he walked out the door before coming back and taking my agenda with him. I wondered for a while what the hell was
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When you're gone
 Hush, don't speak, just close your eyes and hear the melody, let it reach your ears and sooth the pain away, let ease into your soul as you fade away, don't fight the feeling just let it flow cause you know that I love you so I let you go. My love for you is eternal you will not be forgotten so don't worry about my memory getting rotten, your the star in my eyes and the shine in the night, you bright up my life and make me fly. There is no other way to express my feelings, since the day you've been gone, oh the things I've been seeing, your soul in my heart, a swollen good mark that leaves no witness to see the dawn just a small spec of dust lingering in my ear, why is it that I still hear your laugh in the rear, am I going mad or should I just take a nap? Am I that old that I'm hearing things or is it my soul looking for a link?
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An Unexpected Turn Chapter 1
I was waiting for him to come but isn't that just obvious, he is never on time when it comes to me! Wait...why am I complaining? Never mind that, he said he was going to investigate something and that I should stay, he had never minded me coming along but this time he seemed a bit sensitive about it...Never mind, he just arrived I can hear him going up the stairs but his pace is a bit uneasy...I best go check. As I walked  towards the stairs I found Sherlock drunk, stumbling up the stairs! Why does this happen to me? For crying out loud what was he investigating?! The effect of alcohol on his body?!  I  helped him up and plopped him down on his bed  hearing never ending complaints on me being 'rough' I'd love to show him what rough is! Oh wait..that sounded..I'll shut up now...anyways, he sat up  in the bed grabbing my collar tightly and pulling me closer with an angry look on his face but still  in a 'Very" drunk state "Why did you do that?! An
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Whats rong wichu?! by Talkwiththe-Doctor Whats rong wichu?! :icontalkwiththe-doctor:Talkwiththe-Doctor 7 30
My Rose in the valley
As time passes and we are together, only one question crosses my mind...for how long are you going to stay with me? Did destiny bind our paths together forever or is this dream close its end? This freedom and joy that I feel will it last long? Will your company last forever until the day we are destroyed....or will it fade with time....even worse, shall fate take you away from me? From my arms....from your hugs.....from your endless joy....Did fate want me to be alone? Each time a new companion....a new life....a new face....but believe this when I say where like the red Rose at dark valley, shining between those dark thoughts and memories of brought light to my gave me a reason to continue my travels and mot end them with my own gave the word "love" a whole new meaning....and now for me....whenever I see the word love....I see the name Rose....Rose Tyler....a A woman, who accompanied me in all of my trips through time and made m
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So back to the rules, I hate rules but thats how it goes. IF we role-play, you can do what ever you like, even kill me! But I'll just come back to life wether you like it or not! Haha, isn't that wonderful?

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Thank you all that wished me a happy birthday, it really means a lot to me. Hope you all have a nice day. I might not seem very cheerful but I am truly grateful, I'm just going through a very tough situation. Hope you can understand.


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Hello you lot!

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I was expecting you! (not really)

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As you should know, I'm The Doctor, nothing more, nothing less! The oncoming storm or what ever you like to call me, but I, personal prefer, The Doctor. Right, down to business, I'm a Time Lord and I time travel! You don't think its possible? Great! Not my problem, I point and laugh at archaeologists.

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You can tag along if you like but only, and only…if you past my...test! Yes, it is a…very…difficult…test! Yes of course! Anyways, don't have much time- Haha! See what I did there? No? Never mind then, stay away from the cracks in the wall and please, do NOT speak or even get close to anyone who offers you a pear, they taste awful. Or bacon…or beans…or yogurt or even toast!

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Its dangerously…dangerous…right then! See you in a while!

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~ with love from asta
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